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Brief Position Outlines

New good paying manufacturing jobs and investments. More support for local businesses. Seize opportunities in critical minerals, batteries and electric vehicle manufacturing.
Saying ‘yes’ to more opportunities for Ontario.
Encouraging apprenticeships and opening up jobs in skilled trades.  Allowing colleges to grant 3 year degrees and increasing the minimum wage.
Saying ‘yes’ to more opportunities for workers.
Investing in new roads and highways that will accommodate a growing population in Ontario.  Invest in healthcare like supporting the new Ottawa Civic Hospital and create an additional 10,000 long-term beds.
Continue to expand public transit, with new transit oriented communities including currently construction of Ottawa’s LRT phase two and a future phase three.
 Saying ‘yes’ to important infrastructure for the future of Ontario.
Reducing the cost of gas at the pumps, eliminating plate stick renewal fees, putting this money back in your pocket.  Building more houses to reduce the cost of purchasing or renting a new home.
Saying ‘yes’ to making living a home more affordable.
Meeting the future needs of Ontario, hiring more nurses, doctors and PSW’s. Allowing seniors to stay in their home longer with age at home care. With more investments in healthcare and staffing we can prevent closing of the province in a future health crisis.
Saying ‘yes’ to protecting Ontarians and businesses.